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Super Clean Gutter Screen Lifetime Warranty

This warranty warrants against rain gutter plugging, clogging, and filling with plant or leaf debris and foliage in the residing owners' eave troughs and gutters. The Super Clean Gutter Screen shall be installed correctly to the manufacturer's instructions by certified installers. There will be no need to come out and clean gutters in case they plug, clog or fill with leaf or plant debris and foliage, because the eave troughs and gutters will not fill with leaf or plant debris and foliage.

When installed to the manufacturer's instructions, there will be no openings for rodents, birds, bugs, or plant foliage (including seeds) to enter. Inclement weather with rain and wind will carry most debris over the top and over the edge of the installed Super Clean Gutter Screen.

The Super Clean Gutter Screen is ordered according to geographical area. An examination of trees and foliage around the install or building site and what type of weather the product will withstand through the years are important to consider.

Super Clean Gutter Screen will not be responsible for faulty rain gutter, down spout or roof installations.

This warranty will transfer to new owners as long as the install is inspected by a certified installer.