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Very Simple Installation Procedures for Super Clean Gutter Screen, Gutter Guard, Gutter Cover, and Gutter Protection:

Composition Roof Installation Procedures

Each 4 foot length is simply slipped under the bottom eave roof edge shingles and adjusted to the front top of rain gutter. The gutter screen or gutter guard should rest on the front top edge of the gutter and should then be slid and butted up against each other. One fastener on the front top edge of gutter screen at 2 feet on center should be installed to hold it down; one fastener at each end. A caulk sealant or a strip of metal can be installed at the top of the joint to cover any possible, though irregular, small gap. Use more fasteners for high wind areas. For inside and outside corners simply cut with snips to the proper angle and butt or overlap as needed.

For other installs or customs, please e-mail or call us for installation instructions.