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Very Simple Installation Procedures for Super Clean Gutter Screen, Gutter Guard, Gutter Cover, and Gutter Protection:

Composition Roof Installation Procedures

Each 4 foot length is simply slipped under the bottom eave roof edge shingles and adjusted to the front top of rain gutter. The gutter screen or gutter guard should rest on the front top edge of the gutter and should then be slid and butted up against each other. One fastener on the front top edge of gutter screen at 2 feet on center should be installed to hold it down; one fastener at each end. A caulk sealant or a strip of metal can be installed at the top of the joint to cover any possible, though irregular, small gap. Use more fasteners for high wind areas. For inside and outside corners simply cut with snips to the proper angle and butt or overlap as needed.

Cement, Clay Tile Roof Installation Procedures

Tile roof styles are installed a little differently from above. A lot of the time, the first row of tile is nailed at the top edge under the second row lap and is sitting on a batten or riser of some sort such as wood, metal, or plastic. The Gutter screen or Gutter guard needs to be inserted under the front edge row of tiles. To do this you have different choices; Shift the bottom row up. A lot of the time, the second row of tile is not fastened. So you can lift and move them away so you expose the fastener of the first row to lift or remove and install the Gutter Screen, Gutter Guard, and Gutter Protection. Fasten the same as above.

Or you can raise and lift the bottom edge of tiles and simply slip the product under each 4 foot run.

Metal Roof Installation Procedures

Metal roofing standing seam roofs are a basic lapping low profile gutter trough system in its own. They run from top at ridge to bottom at the eave or valley. They could be a trapezoid, standing seam, mechanical clip, snap lock system and/or a stamp tile/shake, rolled or broke Bermuda system configuration shingle type that acts unlike the gutter directional types mentioned. At the eave of each roof, there should be an eave drip edge flashing. You can slip the gutter screen or gutter guard up under the panel or you will need to bend or break the back edge of the product to a determined measurement to fasten at the back of gutter area just under the extended metal roof. Or slip it under the metal roof edge that is coming down the front eave. Then finish the front top edge the same as above.

For other installs or customs, please e-mail or call us for installation instructions.