New Tile Roof Edge Lifting Tool Can Lift The Cedar Shake Roof Edge To.

Super Clean Gutter Screen invented a tool that lifts roof edges up just enough to allow insertion of a Super Clean gutter protection. The user , home owner,  do it yourself-er/ DIY or contractor can make it easy and safer to clean gutters to install the Supercleangutterscreen so they can hand the tool off to someone else in need of it. It also can be used to insert a roof edge jack. or wedge if you will. So the person can work on what ever in the that area under the roof edge for heat tape install or dry-rot repair, more eave drip flashing protection. What ever the need is to lift the roofing material up just a little out of the way.

It was first designed and made to install a large gutter screen project by the owner to cut labor by 75%.  And also to protect the roof tiles or shakes integrity at the eave and entrance of the installed gutter system.

Super Clean Best Gutter Screens Versus Reverse Curve Best Gutter Guards

“Gutter Screens” are by all rights the best gutter protection for rain gutters. They are what the phrase/words mean. With proper design and Support Screen underneath the stainless steel Micro Mesh Screen attached on top with a make up no smaller of at least a 40×40 mesh meaning 40 holes per inch to allow air dust/silt and pollen through so not to clog and small enough to keep granules from the roof and foliage debris out from the neighbors and surrounding trees. This design with a drip edge is the ultimate application for gutter top protection.

Reverse Curve gutter protection system has an actual opening to allow debris in the gutter, UN knowingly to some buyers.  The premise is for the debris to fall off like a water fall effect.”If  you will picture a old cartoon in your minds eye. A canoe floating away effect off the top curve of drop”. But in reality the debris flows with the water into the gutter opening as it clings to the water and into the opening of the gutter into it’s own design. Reverse curve designs count on there commercial over-sized outlets and downspouts to try to allow or get the entered accumulate debris out of the shallow or deep gutter installed. This in effect will clog underground drain pipes if in place. And they do need to be constantly cleaned on the face of the reverse curve where the water and debris flows. Dirt and moss cling and grow there which in turn inhibits the static flow off a smooth surface. The enclosed inside of the gutter will need to be brushed out like a chimney full of debris and soot from all the entered foliage on a regular bases.

A logical choice is yours.


Gutter Screens & Gutter Guards Installed On A Stone Coated Metal Roof

You can install Supercleangutterscreen on an already installed existing stone coated metal roof with existing gutters. Look at website. Click the gallery button and you will see the pictures of installation. Any questions please send us a request for info. Also you can see application for a metal and flat roof application to.

A Problem To Contend With’ When Installing Any Type Of Gutter Protection

Valleys on roofs collect the debris and rain from the roof area above them and then direct all of the rain & debris to the down side/flow end. When this material gets to the end. The foliage debris can build up. The rain will slow down when it runs into this composting small pile and and the rush of rain may push some foliage debris off’ which is good. The debris pile there will allow  slowed accumulated rain from the valley and roof to enter the screened  protected gutter of the inside corner better. If there is no debris and there should be none after keeping a clean roof. The gutter protection application should have a valley damn L flashing which is about 1 to 2 inches in height and 12 to 18 inches long on each side of 30 to  90 degree angle of gutter to stop the over shot of rain and to slow it down so the fluid can filter through the screen. This area of roof and gutter troughs with the application of Gutter-screens and Gutter-guards is the problem to deal with on all applications. Mother nature and the design of this area is something to contend with to get 100% of rain into your gutter. At times it is impossible. Yet your gutters are clean.

Supercleangutterscreens Are Custom Designed To Install On Any Application Of Gutters And Roof

“Supercleangutterscreen” Has the in shop ability to design and manufacture a gutter guard profile application to your needs. We have made Gutter Screen and Gutter Guard covers as wide as twenty two inches for a pitch pan gutter built in the roof system. We have made them 100% stainless steel, 100% copper, We have also made them to specification from your sent drawings.

Home Shows ! ? You Meet Great People At Them

Home Shows work really good for lead generation. Friday the first day was extraordinary. We had folks from all over the Northern California area. I spoke to one gentleman & his wife. He had fallen off his ladder while cleaning his gutter for the last time. His wife had there son remove it from the property so he would not use it any more to clean his gutters and fall. She said he was shopping for another ladder while at the home show Friday/yesterday and she decided to install Super Clean Gutter Screen for twice the price of a ladder. She can sleep at night now. And he can keep her happy and the gutters clean to.

Installing Gutter Guards or Gutter Screens On Your Rain Gutters has videos on there website to show how to install gutter screens. I should also mention installing gutter screens on your rain gutters will help control shortness use of life of galvanized, aluminum, or copper gutters. There will be no composting of debris or foliage in the gutters if they are not cleaned on a regular maintenance  schedule.