“2015″ — Year Ending! Not Sad! But Great!

You all – who – all have enjoyed the benefits of home improvement — regards to having gutter screens installed on your home or investment property can now relax for this coming new winter and winters and all seasons forward.

Please realize if you will. The advantage of not having to clean your muggy gutters while you might of had to if you installed Christmas lights. Or to unclog them because of the over flow of rain. Down and around the porch post, eaves, and walls. ( We have repaired a lot of dry rot at these parts of the home.)¬† ” Moisture Incubates Termites & Dry Rot.”

You all Рwho Рall have enjoyed the benefits of home improvement 2015. Can relax and look forward to a new year of a new home improving  projects for 2016!

Thank you for all your comments, orders and work ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!