Birds, Pigeons & Gutter Screens

Some people have a big problem with pigeons roosting on there roof, roof ridge cap, roof under cuts, rain gutters, downspout returns, front window eaves, overhanging wires.

Gutter screens are a great help. When this occurrence is happening on and around buildings. The droppings these bird leave are some what toxic at times and can lead to quick deterioration of the metal gutters inside of them mixed with the rain water or not. The screens will keep the birds acidic droppings out of the gutter. And keep them from rotting out.

Now for the rest of the building. There are tools and products that will help  stop them from landing on certain areas of the roof, and certain possible roosting spots. But when the roof is a low sloped one. It will be hard to stop them other than a noise cannon with a movement sensor attached. Here below are some links to view and possibly shop.

Birds Nesting In Gutter

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