Useable In Any Climate, Hot or Cold!

SUPER CLEAN GUTTER SCREENS are HEAT TAPE INTERGRATABLE. A .040 thick aluminum bottom screen is available for better heat transfer to melt ice for the de-icing heat tape installable on your gutter screens & or gutter guards only available in large quantities, starting at 6.00 per ln. ft. The standard 6” & 8” will work also.

You can choose from:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper; copper screens will also inhibit MOSS and MILDEW GROWTH
  •  Stainless Steel Gutter Screens  are available with or with out the stainless steel micro mesh top screen.

 Super Clean Gutter Screen’s base is built from .024 aluminum. The top stainless steel screen is manufactured from .010 stainless steel wire, the strongest in the industry.

Your choice really depends on the foliage debris that lands and builds up on your rooftop and raingutters. Ask us we can help you choose. Or create an account and keep up to date in this industry for other products and changes.

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  1. Great product and great website! The many photos are very helpful in seeing your full range of products & services. Thanks so much for helping with the moss problem on my roof.

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