What Size Of Opening To Let Rain Water In?

The size of the opening were rain water will travel through and leave behind any debris that is flowing with it is the important factor for a gutter protection to work correctly.

It can not clog the opening either. And it can not restrict the flow as much’ As to not let all of the rain through to the gutter trough itself.

A good gutter protection will do this only if designed correctly. Some screens have large 1/4″ holes and allows a lot of smaller debris in. Some screens are set lower in the gutter and just create another gutter to clean. These collapse into the gutter under debris weight.

Reverse curves have a large long slot opening and lets a lot of debris in the size and length of the slot it self. Mostly in the 1/2″ or bigger size of debris.

There are bottle brush types of gutter protection and there are plastic pipe types of protection which all of them will need a periodical cleaning with removal of them from time to time. These are okay for a short period of time (2 years) as any plastic ones are.

If your going to do gutter protection and you want to do it one time. Take a look at Supercleangutterscreen. A old roofer makes it. And it works! It is a 40×40 mesh, 010 stainless steel wire screen mesh. Half the size of your bug screen on your windows. It does let silt and pollen through. Which is dust. Not debris that clog the downspouts and underground drainage pipes.

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